Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final - Part 1

Post-it note project: 

Technology played a role in this piece because we had to go on the computer and find the picture we wanted of Paul Walker. We also had to blow the picture up so we could see every pixelated block. Then we used the pixels to map it out on a large piece of paper. If we did not have the technology to get this picture all of our proportions would be off and we would not have been able to get the look of his face right.Technology played a huge role in this project by making us able to start and complete this project.

Frame project:

Art played a role in this project because we had to use the frame to make this project work. Hence the name Frame project. There were multiple frames we had the ability to use, i used one of the bigger frames so i could look like i was walking through it.  I used the frame to make it look like i was leaving school to go to a mysterious island. This project took around two days. We also had to use photoshop to complete this with the effects we wanted to do around or in the frame. 

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