Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final - Part 2

I reflect: I choose this project to reflect on because i believed there were good and bad things about it. When i first stepped back to view my painting i was half way done and Mr.Sands gave me hints on what i could do to make the mountains look more realistic. . When i went back to look at it again i was almost done and then once again when i was done. I put on some finishing touches and changed a few colors so they could highlight better.
     I did consider how ideas would work, before i did shading i made sure the color would blend nicely with the others. I also made sure before i put done markings it would for sure help it look more realistic. I also had to consider how much of the reference painting i wanted mine to look like. In the end i only used the same layout but most of it is different. I also had to consider what i would put at the front of the painting.

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