Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final -Part 3

 My mountain painting i believe was my most successful project. For artistic behaviors i did I create original art because this is my own work. I used my own unique ideas for this work by choosing my own colors, design, and number of mountains. I did use a reference photo but when i ended up painting it, it looked pretty different. I also took a risk because at first i did not know if i would be able to accomplish this painting. It seemed very difficult, especially doing mountains, but i went with it anyways. A different technique i had to use was making clouds. I had never tried to paint realistic clouds so it was troubling at first but in the end i learned something new.

   If i could do one project over i would do the new animal project again. I would do this one again because i could not get the shading right so it still looks like the elephant and sea lion are not one. I may have changed one of the animals or found an elephant skin color that matched better. I also would have put more time and effort into it.

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